About me

Born abroad but raised in Chile. Cari grew up as a child stunned by the stars, she studied Industrial Engineering and getting a Master’s degree in Logistics (both in Chile), and specializing with a graduate degree at MIT in Supply Chain Management (at USA).

But around 5 years ago, she discovered astrophotography, spending one year intensively learning positional and observational astronomy, as well as photography. Then, she decided to quit her job as an engineer to dedicate herself 24/7 to astrophotography and astronomy popularization, from where she also began to travel to capture skies from different latitudes and different phenomena.

Nowadays, she still dedicates lot of time to the study and improvement of her wide-field AstroPhotography techniques, also teaching classes on the same subject and its techniques, as Art and Content Director at AstroFotografiaChile, and managing an astrophotography communnity called Cazadores de estrellas deepening her knowledge in Astronomy to contribute in the world of astronomy popularization with several organizations and collaborations with other astronomical dissemination entities.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away” 

(Pablo Picasso)

  • Civil Industrial Engineer, UNAB, Chile
  • Master of Sciences major in Logistics and Operations Management, UNB, Chile
  • Graduate Certificate in Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management, MIT, Cambridge-MA, USA
  • Published scientific paper at Waste Management & Research Journal, 2021 “Solving the bin location–allocation problem for household and recycle waste generated in the commune of Renca in Santiago, Chile”.


  • Astrophotographer & Night Photographer December 2017 to date
  • Photography and Astrophotography Workshop Instructor October 2018 to date
  • Astrotourism and Astrophotography Rapporteur October 2018 to date
  • Freelance Photographer (Astrotourism, Portrait Sessions, Events, Real state, Marketing) October 2018 to date
  • Astronomical Disclosure October 2018 to date
  • Art and Content Director in AstroFotografiaChile March 2021 to date
  • Vivographer (VIVO mobile ambassador in Chile) June 2021 to date
  • Ambassador at Killstore
  • Astro-photographic trips: Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Iceland, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, United Arab Emirates.