About me

Born in the Dominican Republic for her parents job, and raised in Chile. Cari grew up as a child stunned by the stars, she always wanted to study astronomy, but finally studied Industrial Engineering and getting a Master’s degree in Logistics (both in Chile), and specializing with a graduate degree at MIT in Supply Chain Management.

But in December, 2017, during the Geminids meteor shower, knowing almost nothing about photography or astronomy, she took her first camera -Nikon d5300 with the kit lens (18-55)-  and a weak tripod, trying to shoot something, with no results. After that frustration from the very next day, began an exponencial obsession with learn and improve day by day in this art of astrophotography. Then, she started her career in photography and amateur astronomy. This is why she decided to quit her job as engineer and dedicate herself full time to teach her both passions, photography and astronomy, participating at a NGO of astronomical disclosure (Nova Austral Astronomy) and creating Astro Andes, a company with her best friend founded in Astrophotography of wide field and deep sky. Currently working as a workshops and freelance  photographer in events, portraits, tourism, real state, nature and landscape photography.

“Don’t shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like” 

(David Alan Harvey)